Fort Fred 2014

Or, I found my camera cable!!

Fort Frederick Market Fair is an annual event, held in Big Pool, Maryland, and is one of the main shopping events of the year! Not that I bought much (or ever do...I just can't plan that far ahead for projects. "Yes, I think I might need that binding in December" is not how I work, unfortunately), just a new pair of white silk clocked stockings and two hatpins. It's mainly an opportunity to dress 18thc, which I love, and see my friends, which is also pretty fun!

The weather was quite nice, if also very extremely decidedly windy. Gusty, even! All our lovely wide flat hats were perfect wind-catchers...personally I found my hat to be quite secure on my head since it was secured with pins through my hair, but the gusts of wind tugging on my hair got old after a while.
Wind, you guys! It's windy!

First, have some pics of my new outfit! The bodice is still wrinkly, and there's a Mysterious Hole in the petticoat (which appeared when I went to put it on in the parking lot. I hadn't worn it before, where did it come from??), but, y'know, I like it pretty well for all that. It's very comfy, I feel pretty in it...and I can move my arms! ;)
Pretty scenery!
And looking at most of my pictures, none of them manage to convey the wind! There is one from In the Long Run that does a better job though...
And here are some assorted Fort Fred shots for you.
And the ever-popular dressing in the parking lot. :)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, even if it was really windy, and your dress is really pretty!

    1. Thank you! I've decided I'm rather fond of this dress despite its shortcomings, and Fort Fred was the perfect place to wear it.

  2. I hope it's OK to post this on this entry, I've been enjoying your blog and I nominated it for an award :D

    1. Certainly it is - and thank you very much! We'll see if/when I remember and have time to answer the questions, but I'm tickled to be nominated! :)

  3. OHMYGOSH!! I LOVE your dress!! It is so beautiful and blue!! Laaaaaa!! Wonderfully done!!


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