Starting a natural form corset

First off, one of the costumer blogs I follow recently posted that she's going to try and do a weekly post, even if there hasn't been any major sewing - and if I could remember who that was I would credit you, because I think that's genius. (Aha! Danielle of L.M. Sewing! Thank you!) Anyway, I'll do my weekly post on Sundays because when I work, I still get out early.


Been very busy over the past few weeks, although until the past week it's not been with sewing! But I'm remedying that now.

I've got a couple of Victorian events coming up in September, and since my Victorian wardrobe is sadly lacking - especially post-1860s - I've decided to remedy that. Hopefully. If I don't run out of time. I have an early 1870s dress, but since that doesn't thrill me, I'm going to start from scratch in the natural form style. I have some half-finished combinations in the UFO bin and a bunch of Truly Victorian patterns in the mail, but what I've been working on this week is the corset.

I bought the 1876 Corset for Cuirasse Bodices from Ageless Patterns, and in the past week have mocked it up and fit it, cut out the pieces, and sewn them together.

I'm a lazy and cheap corset-maker, so I've been using cotton duck for years to make corsets instead of coutil (I bought five yards of it on the cheap years ago, and haven't run out yet!), and plastic cable ties instead of steel for boning. I am going to spring for a spoon busk though.

So, for this corset I've got a layer of duck topped with a layer of blue silk taffeta - because who wants a natural duck-colored corset? Not me. I spent a couple days hand-basting the layers together, because I've discovered this is A Good Thing to do.
Pile of pieces. 20 in total.
And then today I actually sewed them together - so it looks like a corset, which is the exciting part, haha!
Well, half a corset here. I promise there IS another half!
I can put most of the rest of the boning in, along with the eyelets, but then I'll have to put this on hold til I can order the busk. Hopefully by the my TV patterns will have arrived so I can make the petticoat, at least!


  1. I just started a weekly sewing post! I love the idea though and am excited you'll be doing one!

    Ooh the 1870's are so pretty! I've never made anything from then so I'm excited to see what you make!

    1. Aha! It's you! I didn't think I followed that many blogs til I tried to figure out whose idea it was, and realized I hadn't the foggiest, lol! A most brilliant idea, I do thank you. :)

      I've lately really come to like the natural form era - well, I think I always liked it but those long, fitted bodices were quite intimidating! I think I can handle them now least, we shall see.


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