Sewing Sundays: Natural Form undies

I was hoping I could post about more finished things, but I want to get this post in before I go to work tonight, so it is what it is.

This week's been the week of underwear sewing! I didn't get much more done on the corset, because I still need some of the supplies, so I decided to work on the other undies.

 I started these combinations in June - they're based on a pair dated to the 1870-80s in Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail (pg 250) - and put them aside while I made the fluffy 1860s dress. They're really stupid easy, and pretty much just like my 1860s chemise with legs!

They're made of cotton muslin, embroidered with a bit of cotton floss on the yoke. It's not a period design (I lifted it from one of my cheapie embroidery books, with a bit of adaptation), but it's one of those Close Enough things!
Super-dodgy embroidery.
And the tucks and lace on the legs.
I'm working on the petticoat now - TV170, with a few, er, adaptations. I decorated the lower back half of the skirt with lace insertion instead of tucks, and the skirt's going to be narrower than the pattern intends.

Pretty close to being finished - I'm putting on the waistband now, and then I just have to make the flounce at the hem...which may take a while, if there's lace insertion involved. Haven't decided yet.


  1. I really love those tucks! And the yoke is cute, even if it's not completely accurate.


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