Natural form dress, again

Progressing nicely! Though I'm really not as far along as I'd like to be; I need to have it finished before the weekend so I can get pictures.

Here's where it is now. Terrifyingly unimpressive. Pinning the fronts together for a picture would have been helpful, but too late now...

So it's sort of almost done, right? Still need to: bone the rest of the bodice (just the front darts are, at the moment), front fastenings on the wool layer, press/tack down the turnbacks, hem facing, ties to hike up the skirt (if I want? still not certain), the chemisette bit (er, do we call it a guimpe by this point? late Victorian is so not my strong point)...and, right, sleeves.

I didn't take construction pics, really, but it's pretty straightforward! The wool front and silk waiscoat are separate pieces, sewn into the same seam.

And the waistcoat, with all those buttonholes ugh. Good thing my machine makes decent ones.
Tedious as they are, I'd much rather they be functional than have to sew on a million hooks and eyes that will NEVER line up correctly! (No, the bottom edges aren't quite even, speaking of lining up. Shhh, pretend you don't see that.)

I stole the buttons off my old striped early bustle dress, as they were just what I wanted! And I wasn't planning on wearing that dress again; it was cheap fabric and has gotten a bit grotty, even though I haven't worn it too many times. Sorry, striped bustle. You were fun while you lasted. (I could always refurbish it, but I don't know that I care that much.)

And a pic of the insides! With boning...none of which is actually steel. Shhhh.


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