1920s gold and white evening dress

As per usual, it's not done-done, but done-enough-to-be-worn! Which it was, last night, to Cairnwood by Candlelight, and at which I got precisely zero good pictures. So you'll have to make do with one or two bad ones for now.
Our group in chronological order!
Plz excuse the falling-down hair; 1/ it was the end of the night, and 2/ I'm really no good at doing hair!

The fabric's a cheap metallic/silk brocade I found on ebay a while back and couldn't pass up. It's hard to tell in pictures but it's got alternating stripes of a sort of viney leafy pattern, and plain stripes. The skirt is made of strips of the viney pattern that are sewn together.

The pattern of the brocade at the waist is filled in with gold twist bugle beads and gold and silver seed beads (and you can't even tell! Ugh). It's not finished round the back, but since there are no shots of the back...no evidence! I only got the beads in the mail Saturday, so I'm not too annoyed I didn't get more done.

I was thinking of doing a bit more of beadwork on the skirt as well, but I'm not sure I like the dress enough, so we'll see. At the very least I'll finish the back at the waist!

Closeup of the beadwork in progress
I didn't really have an exact inspiration for this dress - it was more the fabric that spoke to me and said, "Make me into a 1920s dress!" 1925-27, with the straight cut, length, and vandyked hem, I guess.

Oh, and the shoes! I'm fairly proud of them - I bought plain tan character shoes, and painted them gold, and they don't look totally horrible!
Yeah, they're really gold.
At least...from this distance. *grin* But painting shoes is way too fun - now I want some in every color! For no reason!