Regency Fairmount outing

Nothing new around here, just a little outing on Saturday I put together as an excuse to wear my spotted Regency dress again! Well, I did make a little chemisette (not, ahem, totally finished) because those things are incredibly silly-looking but I like them anyway. I want a bigger one to wear with winter outfits.

My hair didn't look so great, as I've just moved and my things are a mess  - so I couldn't find my fake hair! Plus the extremely high humidity...I kept my bonnet on most of the time!

We met in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, for an afternoon of historic house tours and a picnic! We went to Mount Pleasant (seen above) first, where we also had our picnic.
After we packed up the picnic, we went to Laurel Hill, just down the road a bit. We were very fond of the octagonal Federal-style room!
Then we went over to Lemon Hill; built in 1800, it was the most fun for our particular dresses!
Our last stop (excepting dinner) was the Fairmount Water Works, where we didn't get as many photos as I'd have liked, because there were a couple wedding parties taking up all the choice photo spots! How rude.
Poking a water droplet in the exhibit! This picture cracks me up
It was a typical godawfully hot humid Philadelphia summer day, but at least it didn't rain! And all our dresses were pretty lightweight, so no one died of heat-stroke!


  1. It sounds and looks like it was a wonderful outing. I love touring historic houses in period costume. It is such fun. :)


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