1770s striped jacket

I have a blog. Right!

Well, to be fair, I haven't finished anything since the Francaise dinner, which I did post about! Yes, that's sad. Don't worry, Dress U is coming up so I have to finish something!

I decided I wanted something fun to wear to Fort Fred market fair, which was this past weekend in Big Pool, Maryland. (Much fun! Will post on that too.) I didn't end up wearing it, of course, because the weather was too chilly, with a threat of rain - but I'll post pics of the finished jacket on the dress dummy for now, and get pics on Yours Truly eventually.

Stripes! Are you blind yet? It's made of cotton (leftover from my bustle dress, yes, and I've still got quite a bit left!) lined in ivory linen, and handsewn. It pins shut at CF - ostensibly to have some leeway in fit, but matching the stripes doesn't actually give much leeway! (Still, for 18th century I don't think I'll ever use hooks & eyes again - pinning is SO MUCH BETTER...)

The trim's just self-fabric, box-pleated, but I liked the effect of the stripes. I originally wasn't going to put any trim on at all, but after letting it sit for a few days decided it didn't look quite finished.

Like you can see any details with the white-on-white sewing. I try.
I'm not too terribly upset about not getting to wear it to Fort Fred, mostly because I know I'd have been cold, but also because the sleeves don't make me terribly happy (do they ever? I hate hate hate sleeves). Oh well! When I actually wear it somewhere I promise to post about it!


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