Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday sewing: 1880 cotton print dress

And I really have been sewing today (for hours and hours, oy), so it's a proper Sewing Sunday!

I did do some work on the blue corset during the week, and got most of the boning in - when I realized I really need to put some more in, in certain strategic places. Argh. Let's move on for now, shall we? Plus I met up with a few friends this afternoon for a sewing day, so I wanted something I could work on by hand (so much easier than lugging the machine around!)

So yesterday I put together the foundation for the underskirt - blue polished cotton - and sewed together the Big Green Panel that gets box pleated over it and tacked down. Simple enough, right?

Well, I got a quarter of the skirt finished this afternoon, so, yes, simple, but time-consuming! It's fiddly work getting the pleats pinned just right. Also possible I'm just slow.

It's kind of funny, really - I don't really think I'm going to be able to finish this in time for the 21st, which is when I need it, but I keep ploughing on with it anyway. Sheer stubbornness I guess.

And since I realized I never posted about my actual inspiration for this outfit...It's going to be based on a dress in Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail:
Mine's going to have different fabric for the underskirt and the dress, whereas the original was all of a printed cotton, but I don't plan on doing anything else majorly different.
Forget if I posted my fabric before, but here you go, again, if I did.
Courtesy of Joann's store closing, thanks!

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