Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pathetic Sunday update

Time is really getting away from me - this spencer really is such a simple little garment, it should have been completed the beginning of this week, at the latest. But the early fall weather has just been so enjoyable these last two weeks, that every time I have a good chunk of time to devote to sewing, I've been going outside for a walk in local parks and nature preserves instead! I'm terribly not-outdoorsy, so be impressed.

I still have to make and fit a sleeve mockup, but since I'll always put off sleeves as long as I possibly can, I'm working on the trim now.


So far I've only got it sewn to the bottom edge of the spencer, but, you know, better than nothing, right?
Dangly pompom bits. Hee.

It was a bit of a process, getting the trim to behave like respectable 19th-century pompom trim - as much as polyester home dec trim from Joann's can be said to behave respectably.
This is just NOT the effect I'm going for! Hm.
Not difficult of course, just a little more time-consuming than pinning it on and sewing it down!
So. I trimmed most of the base off, pulled out one of the sides of the pompom loops from the base, and then trimmed it off at the pompom. It all would be much less time-consuming if I didn't have to cut the trim one pompom at a time - otherwise they pull out of the base too easily, and I'd be left with a bunch of freewheeling pompom escapees.

I don't want freewheeling pompom escapees! So - snip, snip, carefully pull, stitch stitch stitch, repeat repeat repeat!

Feel free to kick me if I don't have a finished spencer next week, though. I mean, let's get crackin', here!

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