Friday, April 14, 2017

Chintz Dress Part 2: The Dress

Part 1 recapped my reason for making a silly 18thc hat (construction details in the linked post) and a dress to go with it; now let's talk about the dress itself. First and's an Ikea duvet cover.
And a very nice duvet cover it is, too! (I was amused to learn that Katherine C-G owns it as well - in use as an actual duvet cover! I take this to mean we both have excellent taste.)

Chintz Dress Part 1: The Party

Writing about both the details of the chintz dress and the party in one post is getting a little unwieldy, so I'm splitting it up! First things first: the whole reason I made the hat, and the dress to go with the 18th century Big Hat Tea!
Hosted by the lovely Jenny la Fleur and her extremely accommodating family (!), the requirements were, well, 18th century, and a big hat. And did this crowd deliver! I thought everyone looked spectacular.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Interim post: It's A Silly Hat

I'm attending a private 18thc event in two weeks; the theme is Big Hats. I needed a new dress (no, I didn't), so while I feverishly work on that, I'll give you a teaser with the hat I made.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Late 1890s separates

I made this outfit for a Victorian ice skating event last weekend (for my birthday, you know! The only way I can force my friends to spend time outdoors for any span of time in the delightful winter cold - by pleading "But it's my birthday!!" and looking pathetic).

Originally I had very grand plans to make a nicely-trimmed Ageless Patterns 1898 suit from a really snuggly plum wool-cashmere I have...but by the time I got enough of the new underwear done, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to do the suit properly, so separates and a cape were plan B. (Actually the cape was plan C...I really prefer outerwear with sleeves when it's a Thing in period, but I ended up with 3 days to make a jacket, and that isn't really doable for me. Capes are much quicker!)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Regency Winter Tea

For which I decided to get my fur-trimmed green pelisse wearable! The afternoon before, naturally. Well, there wasn't much required to get it into wearable shape, in my defense!
Just needed a cuff and the collar sewn on, plus minimal fastenings (two hooks and eyes, because that was all I had on hand!). I'd planned to wear my black wool spencer, but it snowed the day before, and the wind chill was in the single digits (F) on tea day, so I thought that was excellent motivation for this pelisse! Not that we spent much time outside, but still. Principle of the thing and all. I could have spent loads of time outside if I'd wanted! Silk is very insulating.