Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Quick-Post: Vintage Not-Tea

I've been wanting to have a vintage tea in the city for a couple of years now, and holiday season sounded perfect for it! Well, it ended up being somewhat less than perfect; couldn't get a reservation anyplace I wanted, several people bailed due to snow, and the dress I was making turned out horribly at the try-on point.

(I'm still poking away at that dress, and intend to either make a "yes, I don't hate this dress" or "do not under any circumstances buy this pattern" post soon. It's a red and green plaid so I should finish it while it's still seasonably wearable!)

So - the event itself was somewhat less fun than anticipated, and I did a very last-minute scramble to finish a novelty print cotton skirt I bought the fabric for last year. But I do enjoy the skirt! I've worn it a few times since the event, and gotten compliments every time. It's just so ridiculous!
Yes...walruses in hats and earmuffs. And fishies in tiny, tiny earmuffs.
I won't pretend it's a remotely vintage-inspired print, but I have a weakness for novelty print skirts, and thus care not at all!
Not-quite-complete group the dark, while in line for the Dickens Christmas Experience at Macy's. If you've never seen, and you're in's an experience, for sure. (Don't go if you're terrified of A Small World at Disney World, or don't like very very hyped up employees haranguing you to start singing christmas carols while waiting in line. We responded by quietly singing "The Sound of Silence" when he was a safe distance away.)
Winter walruses are considerably less elegant than my original dress plans, but...I like them anyway, and at least they weren't injured by getting covered in snow! It snowed pretty much all day with no letup; not much accumulation but didn't make for a very fun walk around the city. Glad I had what's essentially a giant wool blanket to wear! (Best thrift store find ever, y/y?)
A third of the lights on the Christmas tree may have been out (oops)...but the Wanamaker building/Macy's is a hundred years old and still very impressive!
On my vintage-style dumb phone. ;)
The skirt itself doesn't really require much explanation; it's just 3 widths of 44" fabric gathered into a straight waistband. Stupid simple!
Pay no attention to the chewed-up heels...these are old shoes!
I often make my plain cotton skirts 2 widths rather than 3, but I knew I wanted to wear this over my Malco Modes Samantha petticoat, and a 90" skirt won't fit over that! 3 panels definitely allows for a bit more "oomph." Hat and purse are from Nonchalance Vintage on etsy (fabulous and accommodating seller! Highly recommend), and stockings are from Secrets in Lace. (Fully-fashioned stockings are such an indulgence, but I love how they feel, and I've been nothing but happy with how all my pairs have held up so far.) Everything else was already on hand, old, and I have no idea where it came from. ;)


  1. You look fab! It can be so hard to organize get-togethers at this time of year, but I'm glad you were able to salvage the day! Your novelty-print skirt is awesome :)