Sunday, September 15, 2013

A post about slightly pointless sewing

First and foremost, I'm shelving the natural form dress for now. I have the striped early bustle dress, and that is eminently wearable if boring. It's mainly my own fault, though also due to things outside of my control conspiring against me. All in all, though, I'd really like to sleep more than a few hours this week! It's not about what I wear, anyway - it's not my birthday party! :)

The underskirt did get finished this week, though, and it did come out rather nicely, despite being kind of a PITA to get all those pleats pinned in...
So I suppose that means I'm free to work on Gettysburg stuff now. Huh. So where do I start?? So many options!


  1. A very unrelated comment -

    It looks like you a) have a Uniquely You dress form and b) the bust looks very natural! (As opposed to the odd combination of squished and cone boob my Uniquely You currently has).

    Did you do anything special to get the shape of the bust like that?


    And those pleats do look lovely :)

    1. Yep, I do! And I love her, even if I've needed to refit her cover for ages (I got her in the height of my college mozzerella-sticks-are-dinner days, and now she's fatter than me!). I actually didn't do anything special as regards the bust fit...frankly I think it was dumb luck that it came out so well! Sorry, I know that's less than helpful. :)