Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sewing Sunday: Spencer

Alliteration, heh heh.

First things first; yesterday was my friend Robin's birthday party - it was a Victorian picnic in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, and it was lovely! She made a really beautiful new dress for the occasion - check it out!
I didn't make anything new for the occasion, though I'll have to next time - this dress is two years old and it's now a bit too tight! Not unwearable, obviously...but not terribly comfortable, especially if there's a picnic involved.
And there was indeed a picnic.
And - what I've been sewing this week. Gettysburg sewing needs to start soon, but I have a Regency event in November as well, and I'm making the pompom spencer to go over the jumper I made last year. I worked very hard on fitting the mockup on Wednesday, and have made reasonable progress:
Lightened a bit so you can *sort* of see the collar.
And the inside. Pieced linen from the scrap bin!

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