Sunday, March 1, 2015

Working on the 1780s bodice

Verreh, verreh slowly. But it is all put together, so now I need to work out those sleeves. Those terrible, terrible sleeves. There will definitely be piecing involved. Sigh.

But I tried the bodice and waistcoat on so I could make sure the back shoulder fit properly, so I got some pictures for le blog (because nobody cares about a pictureless post, amirite). My t-shirt and pajama pants really made the look, I think.

The shoulder straps in silk don't go on til after the sleeves.
Admire my fabulous non-stripe-matching on the side seam. I couldn't quite make that side-back fit and match without piecing annnnnnd I Didn't Feel Like It. At least they're on the same angle? And it's the least-terrible seam to mismatch?
And the waistcoat by itself:

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