Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Francaise Dinner 2015

Or, Yet Another Event in Which I Took No Pictures!

Indoor event with low lighting, y'know. Poor old sad camera. So I'll just leave you with a link to one of the organizers' posts and group picture!), on In the Long Run.

Aren't we a fabulous group?? It was a great event, though I felt maybe a little underdressed with all the silks about!
That's me seated towards the center, with the tiara and lower-cut-than-I-remembered-aieee(!) dress-in-a-day. And fluffy hair. Very fluffy hair.

Also, here's my real Almost-A-Winner icon from YWU...it was in my spam folder the whole time! OOPS. I'm a weeener!
Next on the docket is an 18th century hoodie! Okay, a Brunswick...for Fort Fred Market Fair at the end of April. More on that next time.

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