Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Odds and ends

First off, I neglected to post about it, but I was a runner up in the Your Wardrobe Unlock'd costume contest this year, which was pretty cool! (Anybody who voted for my dress, thank you. I am surprised and flattered.) I never did get the icon proclaiming me a runner-up that was listed as a prize, though, so I made one for myself.

(With apologies to Hyperbole and a Half...)
Besides serious Paint creativity, what have I been up to?

Um. The striped 1780s dress and I had a falling-out. I didn't want a weird butt-bubble in the skirt, but it did. I put it in the naughty pile and then proceeded to get sick. The current plan is to wear the Dress-in-a-Day for the Francaise Dinner. Not too horrible as I've never actually worn it to an event!

"Styled" a new-old wig to wear with said dress, as a friend's borrowing my usual 1780s wig. I say "styled" because it was really more manhandling. I had an old ratty wig I tried and failed to style into a pouf a hundred years ago, so I decided to use that (it's getting ratted up anyway, right?) in the interests of Not Buying More Wigs.
I also made a new under-hoop petticoat. Need new fancy underwears for Remembrance Day this year, doncha know. Stay tuned for more random 1860s wanderings at inopportune times this year.
None of my other ones were trimmed with LACE, OKAY?


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