Sunday, March 16, 2014

This week in sewing

18thc, all the time! All the sewing time, anyhow. Most of the week was spent waiting for my Mary Heany/indentured servant outfit fabric to get here, so I worked on my striped linen dress.

Evil bias stripes.

Got the bodice all sewn together - managing to match stripes without tearing all my hair out, which was no mean feat. Horrible stuff.

Also fit, cut out, and mostly sewed together the sleeves. One's partially attached, the other is still waiting. The right sleeve had to be pieced at the top, because I was determined to have the stripes going round the arm. They would've fit if I'd turned them the other way, but nooo.
See? Pieced!
A closeup if you couldn't see before. Hopefully you couldn't. Pieced!
I got 2/3 of my boxes o'fabric fun in the mail yesterday and promptly chucked it all in the wash...then had to iron it. Linen is such fun to iron. Yuuuuup.
Top down: fabric for fichu, lining, shift, and top petticoat.
Tonight was an I-am-feeling-too-stupid-to-sew-properly night, so I made Mary's fichu. Not too stupid to hem a triangle of linen, anyway!


  1. I get that "Too stupid to sew" feeling all the time!!! Unfortunately, it tends to show up right before an HSF challenge is due *sigh* The life of a seamstress...only we can appreciate what we go through. You go, girl!!!

    1. Thanks for the solidarity! :D It's so true; why does that feeling only tend to show up when there are deadlines?!