Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sewing for other people unusual for me. I'm a wildly selfish seamstress, and only like to sew on my own terms. If my terms happen to mesh with yours (historically accurate within reason, lots of absurdly meticulous hand-finishing, I can make what I want) though, I'm all for it!

That's what I've been doing this past week - or, rather, planning for it. One's a bonnet commission for a friend, which I will post about in due course. The other is for an historic site near me, which I will sew "online" if I get their ok.

Today I did sew for me - finished up a 1770s petticoat of striped linen. I started this outfit last year for the Fort Fred market fair, but didn't get very far as it turned out I wasn't able to go.
But now it's done! The petticoat anyway. Gown's still got a ways to go.
The gown will be of the same linen, a simple anglaise, probably with the skirts looped up a la polonaise. The bodice pieces were already cut (and they're very wrinkly!!), but I'll have to recut the fronts, because there is Fun With Bias, and the stripes don't match up. Try again! I have enough fabric for this oops, so no problem there. As long as I don't mess up the sleeves...

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