Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sewing Things

A fair majority aren't for me, but I'm still sewing! I neglected the shop a bit leading up to the tea last weekend, so I've primarily been mocking up and starting to sew things for selling this week. Namely, md-19th-century winter hoods. Yes, very specific! Mainly because I'm going to Gettysburg in November and want a warm head if it goes down to freezing again...and figured while I'm making one for me, might as well make them for the shop, right? Somebody might want one!
1860s black silk winter hood
And I've got another version in pieces on my ironing board, that will be pink with white marabou trim!

I did spend one day off sewing just for myself, and managed to knock out the bulk of my 1860s quilted wrapper.
I also managed to put the sleeves on backwards. WINNING.
It's a snuggly wool-cotton flannel, trimmed with pre-quilted silk. It still needs a lot of finishing touches that I haven't bought yet (200 frogs or so for closures, etc)...and I need to take those sleeves off. But it looks quite garment-like!

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