Monday, September 7, 2015

Playing catch-up

I enjoy having an online shop, but it's way way cut down on my Sewing Things For Me time! If there's only time for a little bit of sewing in the day, it has to be for the shop. Doesn't help that the bird dress is at the point of "why doesn't it just TRIM ITSELF??"

For Cloth Fair, I've made a big pink mushroom hat aka 1780s capote (I didn't list it as "mushroom hat", but do you know how tempting it was) and a very practical linen apron.
You know it looks like a mushroom. And I say this with all affection. I love this style!
Aprons is aprons. But everybody needs aprons, right??
For me: Finished yet another cap (and did not take a picture) in my never-ending quest for the Perfect Fluffy Cap - still not perfect, but quite nice and very acceptable for this event.
This event, specifically. :D
Did get the sleeve trim on the bird dress, at any rate. There is TOO MUCH GATHERING left to do! *flops*


  1. Mushroom hat is a perfect description :) A friend of mine made a white one similar, with the inclusion of huge feathers. We dubbed it Snow Beast.

    1. Snow Beast! I love it! These hats are just too funny and floofy. :D