Monday, August 24, 2015

Bird print dress progress

As of today, I've finished construction on it. That still leaves a ton of trim (how many tons, specifically, depends on how much I can squeak out of the yard-plus I have left), but right now it's technically wearable, if criminally under-trimmed.

Actually that one line of white fluff I've put on so far probably looks sillier than no trim at all! But I've got til Sept. 19, so I'm not worried. Yet.

Over the linen petticoat again. When it's over the matching petti all you can see is a mass of BIRDS and FLOWERS
The skirts will be looped up something like this. Just pinned at the moment.
I used the sleeve from the shell-print jacket, because it's my favorite of my below-the-elbow sleeves at the moment. Did have some weirdness because the sleeve head somehow was so much larger than the armscye, but that's the beauty of setting an 18thc sleeve - it's so adjustable!


  1. Oooooh! This is looking fabulous!! And I totally understand the squeezing trim out of the minuscule fabric you have left!! This is going to be wonderful!