Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tall Ships

I got no good pictures of my outfit, so I must apologize! There were what felt like millions of people, and we only got to tour (or should I say "tour", as no one told us anything about it, we just walked on, walked off) one ship. But I got to see my friends, and we had a lovely lunch at City Tavern, and I enjoyed my sail on the When and If immensely. The crew were very nice to me, and didn't act like they thought I was a madwoman, dressed like that all by my onesie...even if they really did think so. ;)

If I find any more pictures later I'll update, but for now you just get three.
You can't see the other two hundred people milling around on the ship, just behind the person with the camera...

Two thumbs up for lunch at City Tavern, always!
Wind makes a muslin frock do awkward things for your picture...
You've already seen and heard about the Little White Dress underneath, so I'll just do a little rundown of the spencer and bonnet.

The spencer's of red linen, lined in lightweight cotton (the sleeves are only halfway lined, to the elbow, and is hand sewn. The trim's some looped rayon braid from my Stash, and that was all I had, or I'd have trimmed the collar and sleeves too. It proved to be perfect sunblock, which was the intention, and I wasn't any warmer than I'd have been without it (I'm a big fan of covering up in the summer sun, can you tell?).

The bonnet's a buckram frame covered in red silk satin, underneath the brim is covered in a dark cream silk shantung, and is trimmed in bias strips of striped silk satin. And white ostrich drabs. Can't forget the ostrich. The ties are strips of green and red shot silk taffeta, made extra long to cross under the chin and tie on top of the bonnet. I was afraid that green might tip it over into too Christmassy, but anything else I had would've been too matchy. The green makes a nice contrast, so I'm glad I listened to my bonnety instincts!


  1. Looking great! How much fun! Love your spencer!

  2. You look fabulous! Love the spencer, bonnet and the curls!! I don't think your bonnet looks Christmasy at all!!