Sunday, April 19, 2015

18thc Encampment at Allaire

Well, first off, I've now got a second job in the mornings (and the J in the evenings and weekends), so I can't make any promises about sewing output for the near future. Which is blah. I doubt I'll have time to finish my Brunswick for Fort Fred next weekend, so, like most events for now, you'll be seeing repeat offenders. Good thing I have a not-inconsiderable costume wardrobe already. ;)

Anyway, Allaire Historic Village in NJ had an 18thc encampment this weekend - they're usually set in 1836 (which I don't have clothes for!) but they do other events occasionally, so Robin and I decided to gate-crash, as we do. The girl at the gate insisted we didn't have to pay admission since we were reenactors; we had to force her to take our money. "We want to support your SITE, please just TAKE OUR $3!"

And we met up with Tessa, who wasn't volunteering at the site this weekend, but who just happened to be there for Sunday. Very glad we didn't go Saturday!
I wore my striped linen gown and forgot my hat and mitts (Robin remembered her hat but forgot her hatpin, which was ineffective in the wind!), and got a very charming sunburn on my forearms, a sliver of chest, and half my face. It's quite a Look. At least we both have matching sunburns...?

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