Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sewing Sunday

Hey, I'm remembering to update promptly; go, me! No pictures though, so it's a boring update.

Currently I'm knee-deep in the early Sunday there's a group of us taking a trip to Riversdale House in Maryland, and since it was built in the early years of the century, naturally we're dressing Regency. As you might know, I've got quite a sufficiency of warm-weather Regency dresses...but I want something new! As usual. To that effect, I've got a light blue, lightweight linen spencer half-finished, and silk in the mail for a new, simple bonnet.

And I'm still poking away at the other Regency bonnet I'm making for a's at the be-flannel-ing stage now.

And I've been really starting to collect my thoughts and materials for the Six Wives project, which I don't think I've talked about here. The Ren Faire in our area has changed their scenario for this year - they've always done QEI, but this time they're changing it up to Henry VIII. And some friends and I thought it would be fun to do the Six Wives (yes, the scenario is set in 1525, but it's not like the Ren Faire is this paragon of accuracy that we're disrupting...); I picked Katherine Parr, partly because my first Tudor dress was c1530s and I want to try a farthingale this time! We chose our ladies in February, and yes, I've been keeping Katherine in the back of my mind since then! We'll probably go in October, so as to not roast in our velvets and furs.

As I said, I've started collecting my materials, and I've been on the hunt for a suitable damask for the gown for I'm waiting for my swatches to get here. Hopefully one of those will work! Katherine's going to be a compromise of "as accurate as I can make her with the info I have and materials I can afford". That is, when I'm Doin' It Wrong, I want to know why I'm Doin' It Wrong!

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