Sunday, January 26, 2014

Update: Still Regency sewing

Well, I completely forgot to update at all last Sunday! Ooops. I mean, I still don't have much finished to post about, but a bit is better than nothing, right?

First, I finished a new reticule,which I promise does not actually have a wildly off-centred tassel. It's just your basic sack - a circle of silk, lined in cotton, with a drawstring channel at the edge for the ribbon.

No, it doesn't remotely match my (planned) outfit.
Then there was a ridiculous chemisette that took three days to make, for some reason.

Enormous and derpy!
Yeah. It may be a little on the large side for 18-teens. And slightly absurd-looking. But if it's cold it will keep the wind off my neck! And practically off my ears, too.
There were shenanigans with the bodice of the striped dress - it's always something! The mockup, after much wrangling, fit quite well. Sewed the actual bodice together, and this happened:
Well that doesn't fit.
Unpicked the back seams to re-sew them with a tiny seam allowance, and that still wasn't enough. Fine. So I then unpicked the side seams, so I could stick a little piece in there to make it bigger.
Okay, that worked.
And now, hours of gathering stitches later, the neckline's finished with a ruffle, and I've made a waistband and attached the skirt.
Modeled by a hanger and the china cabinet.
With a bit of luck and a lot more dedication than I've been showing, this will be a finished dress by the next time I post! It really needs to be, since I still have to make a spencer, and the event's on Feb. 8th. Sew like the wind!

Or at least a little less like sludge.

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