Sunday, November 10, 2013

1860s, again

And what did I accomplish this week for Gettysburg? Mostly little things, but I think I have sewn every day, and that's good. I'm still just about on track with my Overly Ambitious sewing schedule, there's that.

- First, I trimmed my bonnet. I made it TWO YEARS ago, so it's about time!
And weren't those flowers just so much fun to sew on.
No. No, they were not.
It's a touch plain on the outside, but I'm not really into the frou-frou. I can always stick more flowers on there.

- Also have been making good progress on one of the two bonnets I'm making for friends - which I won't be posting here til they're finished! The outside is covered and trimmed, though, so that's good.

- Finally made myself a chemise that I can wear with my ballgown. Last time I wore it, I wore my 19-teens combinations, which is Just So Wrong!
It ended up a bit wackadoo in some areas, because I was making it up as I went along (oh, and it's made out of a sheet), but it's wearable, anyway!

- Made something I've needed for as long as I've been meaning to trim that bonnet - a little pad to wear under my hoop to stop it swinging forward under the weight of the skirts! Another "made it up as I went along" thing; it's actually Version 2, because Version 1 was too small. Just made of cotton from the scrap bin and poly fiberfill (oh, the horror!).
- And then today was a day off work, so I made a corset. Well, most of a corset. It just needs binding (which is cut out) and grommets, which, barring a major catastrophe, I can do tomorrow.
Super-exciting photo!
It's the 1860 corset from Corsets and Crinolines - sort of. As usual, it's half-following the shape of the pieces in the book, half-making it up. Hooray for freehanding everything!

It's made of white silk dupioni and backed with cotton duck - neither of which are really correct, but I've had duck in the stash for ages, and I got the not-too-slubby dupioni for $8/yd. And it's boned with my perennial favorite boning, zip ties. The stitching's messy, but my sewing machine and I were having a disagreement on whether it should work or not!


  1. Duct ties are awesome. :-) I've used them too for my corset. Not too long before I get to see the outfits in person!

    1. Aren't they the best? Cheap, easy, and local!

      And EEEE, Gettysburg is so soon!! Cue the mad sewing rush!

  2. My you were busy today! Bravo!! I love your bonnet with it's lovely flowers...I totally get what you mean about the sewing on of the flowers! Your corset is fabulous as is your chemise! I have made many an undergarment out of many a sheet! Can't wait to see your final ensemble!



    1. Thank you! I tend to get home from work and just putz around for hours, but I've been very good about devoting time to sewing this past week...we'll see if it all comes together!!