Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday update

This week, I bring you...outerwear!

Not finished outerwear. I hope no one got too excited.

First, I'll just note that the pompom spencer now has two sleeves, and they are attached. And that is good! Now I just have to sew more pompoms all over it...

In the interests of time (and never finishing anything ever), I thought I'd start work on the things I need for Gettysburg - starting with the paletot (aka coat).

I think I found about six paletots I wanted to make...but finally chose this one, not least because everything I need to make it can be found in the Stash. (Except the button forms. Gotta remember to buy those.)

The only real change I've made was to cut the sleeves considerably smaller. A bit more practical...and less drafty!

Oh, right, and I did buy silk for the that wasn't really in the stash. But the wool, the interlining, and the velvet for the trim all was! And I had a coupon for the silk.

So, anyway - the paletot is draped, fitted, cut out, and mostly sewn together. I left the sleeves off for now, because I suspect they'll be easier to trim them that way. And the lining will go in separately, later, when all the trim's on.
And yes, it is that shade of Really Really Blue.
It doesn't look like much yet - especially considering the color of the wool! And because I didn't put it over the cage. But I think it's going to be very nice and toasty!
I meant to trim-wrangle today but didn't quite get around to doing as much as I wanted. time!


  1. Love that color blue! Is this a pattern you drafted/draped yourself? It's going to look great. :)

    Emily's Vintage Visions

    1. Thank you! I do love contrasting a fun lining with a more sedately-coloured garment! And yup - I draped it on the dress form first, then fitted it to me. As much fitting as a giant coat requires, anyway. :)