Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday update: Spencer (still!) and a cap

I mentioned that you all had permission to kick me if I'd not finished the spencer by the time of my next post, and, well...just don't kick me too hard, okay?

I finally got round to mocking up, fitting, and cutting out the sleeves Thursday, and currently one sleeve's attached.

Other sewing: I had jury duty Tuesday, and wanted some hand-sewing occupation that didn't involve explaining why on earth I was sewing pompoms to a tiny bolero jacket to any curious members of the public! Not that the pieces of an 18th century cap look any less odd, but they're smaller...and at least there are no pompoms. So I cut out an 18thc cap the night before.

Since I was at the courthouse from 8 to 3.30, I did manage to get a good amount done (in between sitting in court, where I don't think they'd have appreciated my little project) - I hemmed two-and-a-half out of three pieces, and put some gathering stitches in. And then it seemed silly to put the cap in the UFO bin, so I worked on it Wednesday and Thursday to finish it off.
Bad pictures, sorry. I decided this was not worth going to get the real camera.
It's a perfectly nice cap, although I don't like it much! I haven't yet made a cap I especially like (I'm going to have to muck around and get my own pattern some time), and this one's no exception; it's far too close to the head for my taste.

Oh well! It wasn't a complete waste of time, because I suspect I'll find someone to take it off my hands eventually, and I really do like hand sewing!


  1. Not kicking, but tapping my foot!

    Taking a pattern from a cap you like sounds like a great idea ... beats making lots of caps you don't want to wear.

    1. :D I need to just buckle down and spend the time to make a cap I like...of course there are about ten thousand other things I need to make first! Well - someday!