Sunday, July 5, 2015

A brief update

No pictures, though, sorry. Feel free to move on!

I didn't sew much this week (did do a lot of reading, though!)...I tend to take a bit of a break after a sewing crunch, and that was definitely a crunch for Tall Ships. I did finish my 18thc linen mitts and wore them yesterday to the Indian King Tavern, for their reading of the Declaration of Independence. Familiar as I am with that document, I don't think I've ever actually heard it read aloud in its entirety, and if you can process the 18thc style it's really very moving! Especially if you can put yourself in a bit of a 1776 mindset...which is always helped by the costume. ;)

I'm making a couple of 1860s bonnets for other people for Gettysburg, so I'll probably start those this week. And I'm also working on organizing my sewing space a bit before I dive into the rest of Gettysburg sewing. And, of course, sorting out what I am actually going to be making! I originally had very ambitious plans, but I'm not half as enthused as I was half a year ago when I dreamed them up. Hence the need for sorting.

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