Monday, February 9, 2015

Longwood Gardens in Victorian

Yesterday I went to Longwood with some friends, which was the original excuse to make my 1879 dress. I don't do much late Victorian, so this was a bit of branching out for me, and I thought LG was a nice setting for it! (Strictly speaking it doesn't quite match in time period; 19-teens would be more accurate for the gardens. Details...) It's not as exciting as it is in spring or summer - but my birthday isn't in spring or summer, so there.

I did, in fact, make the intended coat to wear with the dress - but it ended up being 50F instead of the forecast-a-week-ago 30F. Big difference. So the coat stayed in the back of the car all day.
I have very nice, accommodating friends! :)
 I was very dedicated and actually took pictures of my coat when I got home, before I changed. Mainly because I have no idea when I'll actually get a chance to wear it!
And I've irresistibly dubbed it the Pimp Coat (2.0, because my purple velvet 'teens coat is Pimp Coat 1.0, let's be honest), because look at that thing. It's completely absurd.

Super warm though.
I used my dress pattern and just cut the pieces a bit bigger. Didn't take too much futzing to fit it.

Materials: Pink-and-ivory herringbone wool-cotton flannel (80/20) for the outside. As far as I can determine herringbone weave isn't really correct for a late 1870s lady's coat (bare minimum of research, yo), but it was in the stash and was very very cheap!
Interlined with cotton flannel, and lined in shocking pink silk.
 The feathers are 4-5" strung turkey marabou...and yes they are just a leeeeetle over the top. Well, there was no happy medium between 2" marabou boas and this stuff! The boas were cheaper but so much wimpier, I just couldn't do it. It's ridiculous looking but very warm! Now I want to trim ALL THE THINGS in feathers. But not wear them when it's 50 degrees, no.

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