Sunday, December 29, 2013

Regency petticoat

I finished the pink petticoat yesterday; today I hope to get all the pieces for the half-robe cut out. Except for the sleeves, because those I will actually need to mock up.

A bit pathetic that it took me so long to make a petticoat, but then I remind myself it was Christmas week, and I didn't have much sewing time! I have faith that I can crank out the half-robe in time for this coming weekend. Hopefully.

Here's the petticoat, for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Mabel's bust is a bit too low to wear it in the right place, but I didn't have time to get all trussed up to take a photo on me. It is a wee bit on the short side, but as its main function is actually going to be an under-petticoat for warmth purposes, that was on purpose. Nothing more annoying than having a petticoat that's just a tiny bit too long!

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