Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Costume Year In Review: 2012

Forgot to actually do this before the end of the year, whoops!

And I've been sick (still am), so I didn't manage to get any sewing done. No Historical Sew Fortnightly bonus challenge for me! Sigh. Bad start to the sewing year!

Well, I did get a bit of hand sewing done today that didn't require much thinking - hemming my linen 18thc fichu (that I've only been wearing unhemmed for over a year!). So that's not too bad.

Anyway, on to the year in review!

Think the first thing I finished was the I Want Candy sacque for the Fabulosity Club's first Francaise Dinner . Probably my favorite fancypants costume I've made to date!
 Then there were many elaborate plans for Dress U, none of which actually came together except for the Dress of A Thousand Triangles (that's a lie; there are only 750" of hand-cut triangles on that dress!), which I proceeded to leave at home. Thankfully the hotel was just under an hour's drive from my house, so back I went at 6.30 Sunday morning to get it. Good times.
 Made a 1770s jacket for no real reason, other than I had fabric left over from my stripey bustle dress, and, well, it was striped fabric, what else was I supposed to do with it? ;)
 Then I needed a dress for the Jazz Age Lawn party in NYC in August, so this green lawn thing got thrown together. World's laziest slip under that dress, I promise you. Hat's cute though.
 And then there's the wildly unfinished late 16th century jacket and petticoat (well, the petticoat's finished...?) but I'm posting it anyway because I did wear it! Counts if it got worn. Horrible sleeves and all.
 And the first wearing of the pompom dress - which you may notice has no pompoms at all yet. Again, unfinished! The spencer and I had fitting disagreements, so it didn't get finished for this year's Pumpkin Tea. Everyone liked it without, though!
 I pretended I was going to make the long-promised early 19-teens evening dress for a while, so I finished the corset for it (and then stopped pretending I was going to make that dress).
 And I finished a gold-and-white 1920s dress for Cairnwood by Candlelight in mid-December. When I say "finished"... I'm in the process now of beading the entire skirt, but I'd only gotten the beads four days before the event, so clearly that wasn't going to happen. Painted the shoes in time though!

I have a whole mess of plans for 2013, which I'm sure will change, as they always do! Here's what I've got at the moment.

- 1913 red day dress for Titanic exhibit outing; need for end of January (but will try to finish for HSF challenge #1)
- Regency evening dress for a Card Party in early Feb.
- 18thc Turkish outfit for lounging after the Francaise dinner in March
- possibly a new sacque for that dinner, but that may or may not happen, as I don't have all the fabric
- Natural Form bustle gown?
- "Curtain-along" 1780s dress
- seriously tackle the UFO bin!! It's getting ridiculous. I want to finish at LEAST three outfits/dresses out of it this year.

Plus all the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges, some of which I plan on getting from the above list anyway. We'll see!

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